Degenerative Disc Disease

Degenerative Disc Disease (DDD), is an unavoidable consequence of aging. DDD can cause neck pain, arm pain and spinal cord compression in patients.

The condition affects 40% of the population over 40 and 80% of the population over 80. Approximately 1.2 million patients require surgical intervention annually for DDD.

Cervical Spine Alignment & Kyphosis

When viewed from the side, the normal cervical spine curves slightly inward. This inward curve is called lordosis. Kyphosis is a term used to describe a type of abnormal curve in the spine. A kyphotic curve looks like the letter 'C' with the opening of the C pointing towards the front.

This type of curve is the opposite of a normal lordotic curve, which has the opening facing towards the back. The larger the abnormal curve, the more serious the problem. Several different conditions, including DDD, can lead to excessive kyphosis. 

Symptoms range from minor changes in the shape of your spine, to severe deformity, neurologic deficits, and chronic pain. Neck movement may become limited, making it difficult to turn the neck fully or to look up for very long.

Neck pain may be present, especially if the kyphosis is caused by degenerative changes.

Synergy Disc

The Synergy Disc is a revolution in artificial cervical disc replacement technology. Not only does it restore motion to the intervertebral segment, it also restores alignment, a critical function of the human spine.

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